Idam Infrastructure Advisory


Resource assessment for renewable energy

Prior to planning a renewable energy project of any scale, it is essential to determine where the resources are abundant, understand their characteristics, and validate their quality. Idam Infra possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in such resource assessment and partners with meteorologists, engineers, and field technicians to use advanced computer models and high-resolution resource maps to minimize upfront investment and ensure reliable assessment of renewable energy resources, which is the bedrock of any project based on such resources.


Grid integration of renewable energy

Our services in this field range from initial feasibility studies to high-level grid integration assessments to facilitate effective, economic, and timely connection of the renewable energy projects, allowing them to feed maximum output into the local or national grid and also to forecast and schedule power generation as required by the system operator.


Project development support

A project starts with a vision. If you have the vision, we will make it a reality. We provide a range of services needed at different stages of a project, which include pre-feasibility studies, conceptual studies, regulatory studies, site selection, preparation of a detailed project report, technical assistance in financial closure, obtaining statutory clearances, and preparing tenders for selecting turnkey contractors.


Project management consultancy

Project management is crucial to the success of any project. As a single point of contact or as part of an integrated management team within your organization, we apply best practices and management skills, gained over dozens of successfully completed projects, to help you achieve your business objectives. We are flexible enough to adapt to new environments quickly and work with passion and commitment. Our team can work on site to closely monitor and manage your project.


Water audits

Water is becoming an increasingly scarce and therefore precious resource, and conserving and managing water resources demand immediate attention. Given its experience in the water sector, Idam Infra is well equipped to advise various agencies and organizations on water management, undertake studies related to water systems efficiency, and suggest appropriate policy, institutional, and regulatory reforms related to water as a public good. Idam Infra has the expertise to model water availability and quality and undertake socio-economic analysis of water management projects.