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Electricity Market and Regulatory practices

We offer advisory services to government agencies, Electricity Regulatory Commissions, distribution and transmission utilities, donor agencies, and Renewable Energy (RE) developers in the matters of policy and regulatory issues, formulating regulations, determining tariff, filing petition before State Electricity Regulatory Commissions (SERCs), developing regulatory frameworks for Electricity Market development, and process support.

Our services include:

  • Value added advisory on policy and regulatory matters.
  • Financial and economic analysis of power sector projects.
  • Market development and entry strategies.
  • Project structuring and business model designs.

Regulatory Analysis and Process Support

We undertake detailed reviews of regulatory framework and its implementation to cover the following aspects:

  • regulations and orders at the central and state levels,
  • support in filing petitions and comments before regulators and the Appellate Tribunal,
  • preparation of discussion notes, approach papers and staff papers,
  • providing support during the regulatory process in the form of stakeholder consultations and analysis of stakeholder's comments.

Formulating Regulations:

We have an extensive experience in formulating a variety of regulations. We assist in formulating regulations including, but not limited to,

  • Central and State-level electricity regulations,
  • multi-year tariff regulations,
  • renewable energy tariff regulations,
  • Renewable Energy Certificate (REC),
  • Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) regulations,
  • grid code, supply code and open access regulations,
  • Deviation Settlement Mechanism framework.

Energy And Water Audit Services

Reducing expenditure is a key concern for any business and minimizing energy and water consumption can dramatically reduce costs. An energy and water audit are the most effective energy and water management tool. The Energy and Water Audit consists of identification, inspection, survey and in-depth analysis of Energy and Water consumption in the industry. The audit identifies and quantifies unaccountable energy and water loss at each point of use within and around the facility. Our commercial and industrial energy and water efficiency inspections deliver detailed consumption analysis of every aspect of your operation and will provide clear, actionable ways to cut your costs and boost your green credentials.

Carbon Footprint

Being carbon neutral is becoming increasingly important. Let’s start together now to reduce our carbon footprint. Carbon footprinting is the practice of calculating the total amount of greenhouse gases (including CO2 & Methane) that are generated/caused by individuals, events, services and/or organization actions. Carbon neutrality attracts customers looking for environmentally friendly businesses with sustainable practices. As a consultancy company, Idam Group supports customers in reducing their carbon footprint in a variety of projects. As a strategic partner, we focus on innovative solutions. The potential for reducing CO2 in the power and industrial sectors is significant. We help our clients to identify sources of greenhouse emissions in the value chain, identify and capture greenhouse gas reduction opportunities, achieve carbon neutrality and increase the brand value.

Project Design And Implementation Support

Engineering and project managers keep the world moving by remaining focused on the goal of a unique project, the resources required to complete it and the schedule of execution. We are happy to provide Project Design and Implementation Support Services to all industries. Our technical and business experts offer you a wide range of valuable expertise to help you develop the vision, knowledge, creativity and future direction of your enterprise. We guide you towards better pre-investment decisions on technology, product, market, mergers, and any subject relevant to the operation of a long-lasting, successful business. Idam multidisciplinary project teams and unique technical solutions will ensure that all projects meet technical, economic, environmental and safety requirements.

We provide consulting support to entities for renewable energy project-related power procurements and develop strategies including financial modelling, landed cost and so on. We support clients in the assessment of potential sites, evaluation of the project, energy assessment through data collection, and studying suitable policy and regulatory frameworks applicable. We provide advisory services to organizations for sizing renewable energy systems, assessment of resources, production and savings, compliance with regulatory aspects and formulation of a detailed strategy for the implementation of project objectives.

Techno-Commercial Feasibility Study,Due Diligence

Our Industrial Decarbonization assessment is designed to review client’s energy and technology usage across various verticals and provide strategies to decarbonize the entire practice in a planned and phased manner. This will help clients work in safe environment and at the same time boost the productivity by adapting latest technological interventions in their workplace and offer opportunities for innovation. Our comprehensive Industrial Decarbonization assessment delves into metrics like energy use versus production output, and it could cover benchmarking performance to check how processes or business units are performing.

We support industries in all stages of renewable energy resource assessment, feasibility analysis, technical and commercial due diligence, tariff modelling, open access transactions, and evaluation of renewable energy policy and regulatory framework within states and at the National level. We also provide support to international clients for investment opportunities in India, formulation of market entry plans, renewable energy technological requirements, technology transfers, etc.

Risk Assessment And Due Diligence

Given Idam Infra´s in-house expertise, Idam Infra is well placed to analyze various types of risks including those related to time and cost overruns, operational performance, market, credit, regulatory aspects, the environment, operation, political forces, and force majeure. Based on the assessment of risks, Idam Infra suggests appropriate risk mitigation measures including allocation of risks to those project participants who are best suited to manage each risk through the structuring of various contracts and agreements. Idam Infra also assesses the financial implications of residual risks to the investor or developer to the extent such risks can be quantified. We believe that no two projects are the same

Tariff Determination:

We specialize in tariff determination processes including

  • determination of generation, transmission and retail distribution tariffs,
  • wheeling charges and cross-subsidy charges,
  • state load dispatch centre (SLDC) charges,
  • renewable energy tariffs.

We assist Regulatory Commissions in the approval of Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) and in the tariff determination of utilities. We also support utilities in filing ARR Petition for tariff approval,and RE Developers or Developers’ Associations in taking up renewable energy pricing issues with the State and Central regulators through due regulatory process.