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Distributed Renewable Energy

The Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) practice offers services such as policy and regulatory advisory, techno-commercial expertise to evaluate major investments, process digitisation and capacity building across multiple facets of the Energy industry. We have worked with central agencies such as Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and Forum of Regulators (FOR) and provided support to not only state agencies such as State Electricity Regulatory Commission but also distribution utilities and State Nodal agencies of more than 20 states in creating an enabling framework for the large-scale deployment of DRE technologies in the country. The DRE team is technically proficient and experienced in various DRE technologies such as solar (both grid-connected and off-grid), small wind, small hydro, battery energy storage, municipal solid waste, and electric vehicles.

Policy Design and Analysis

Designing and analysing Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) policies requires taking into account several key considerations with the aim of promoting sustainable and efficient energy systems. To analyse the effectiveness of these policies, several key metrics are considered including renewable energy capacity and generation, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, energy prices and affordability, job creation, technological advancements, and the overall reliability and resilience of the system. Policy design and analysis in the field of DRE also requires a multidisciplinary approach which takes technical, economic, social, and environmental factors into account. Likewise, the collaboration between policymakers, industry experts, and researchers is necessary to develop and evaluate effective policies that can accelerate the transition to clean energy and a sustainable future.

We have wide-ranging experience in policy formulation and analysis, and in advocating for the implementation of Distributed Renewable Energy systems for Central and State governments. We look at key issues from the perspectives of multiple stakeholders – from the government and project developers to consumers – and design policies, accordingly, ensuring an inclusive approach to sustainable development.

Regulatory Analysis and Process Support

Regulatory analysis and process support involves examining and understanding the regulatory framework governing the DRE sector. It aims to provide insights and assistance in navigating the complex regulatory environment and in ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. A holistic analysis of regulatory framework with incisive insights are crucial for the successful implementation of governmental capacity development programmes. It also informs the investment decisions of developers and ensures the commercial viability of projects for consumers.

We provide handholding support to all stakeholders by imparting comprehensive insights into the regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, and helping navigate the complexities of DRE sector. This helps the stakeholders to effectively participate in the market, develop projects, and contribute to the transition towards renewable energy and a more sustainable future.

Techno-Commercial Feasibility Study, Due Diligence

Techno-commercial feasibility studies and due diligence are critical processes undertaken to assess the viability and risks associated with a project or an investment. They help evaluate the technical aspects as well as the financial and commercial considerations associated with the concerned project. These processes consist of resource assessment, technology selection, technical analysis, financial analysis, risk assessment, and due diligence of DRE projects. Our assessments can help investors, lenders, and project developers gain a categorical understanding of the project's potential risks and viability. These assessments aim to provide valuable insights regarding the feasibility and risks associated with a project thus facilitating taking informed decisions and mitigating potential challenges in DRE ventures.

Process Design/ Digitisation Support

Project structuring, development, and management are essential processes in the successful implementation of Distributed Renewable Energy projects. These processes help to ensure project feasibility, mitigate risks, optimize performance, and maximize returns on the stakeholders’ investment. These processes make the success and profitability of renewable energy projects possible by means of analytical tools such as assessment, risk mitigation, efficient execution, stakeholder engagement, and performance optimization facilitating sustainable and economically viable projects in the renewable energy sector. .

We contribute to the development of renewable energy by aiding in the development of unique Renewable Energy (RE) projects. Some of our RE projects have been pioneering pilot projects in their domains, for e.g., the project focusing on enabling net-metering for metro rail systems spread over multiple locations. We have also assisted utility companies in developing strategies for maximizing RE sales to Commercial and Industrial consumers and enabling large consumers to incorporate renewable energy in their portfolio.

Project Structuring, Development and Management

Engineering and project managers keep the world moving by remaining focused on the goal of a unique project, the resources required to complete it and the schedule of execution. We are happy to provide Project Design and Implementation Support Services to all industries. Our technical and business experts offer you a wide range of valuable expertise to help you develop the vision, knowledge, creativity and future direction of your enterprise. We guide you towards better pre-investment decisions on technology, product, market, mergers, and any subject relevant to the operation of a long-lasting, successful business. Idam multidisciplinary project teams and unique technical solutions will ensure that all projects meet technical, economic, environmental and safety requirements.

We provide consulting support to entities for renewable energy project-related power procurements and develop strategies including financial modelling, landed cost and so on. We support clients in the assessment of potential sites, evaluation of the project, energy assessment through data collection, and studying suitable policy and regulatory frameworks applicable. We provide advisory services to organizations for sizing renewable energy systems, assessment of resources, production and savings, compliance with regulatory aspects and formulation of a detailed strategy for the implementation of project objectives.

Process Management Support:

Process management support involves providing assistance and guidance to ensure effective and efficient execution of processes in a renewable energy project. It aims to streamline workflows, improve productivity, and optimize performance. By optimizing processes, monitoring performance, and facilitating continuous improvement, we ensure that renewable energy projects are executed in a structured and efficient manner, thus contributing to the success of projects by maximizing productivity, minimizing risks, and delivering high-quality outcomes.

Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building

Institutional strengthening and capacity building are essential components in the successful implementation and long-term sustainability of renewable energy initiatives. They focus on enhancing the capabilities, knowledge, and resources of institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in the renewable energy sector. Idam Infra aims to empower such individuals and organizations to effectively contribute to the development and deployment of renewable energy. By enhancing the knowledge, skills, and resources of stakeholders, these initiatives create a conducive environment for the growth of sustainable renewable energy and help in addressing challenges related to policy, technology, financing, and implementation.

Market Assessment Services

Market assessment services are indispensable for setting goals and targets, and developing strategies to achieve the same. From assessing the needs of localized and trade-specific industrial clusters for rooftop solar systems to estimating state or nation-wide potentials and trends for multiple facets of DRE deployment, the DRE team’s experience is diverse.

We provide support by way of a comprehensive analysis of the market size, growth potential, trends, competition, technologies, policies, and investment opportunities. Our services assist stakeholders in making informed decisions, identifying growth prospects, and capitalizing on the expanding DRE market.