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Electricity Markets and Regulations

We offer advisory services to government agencies, Electricity Regulatory Commissions, distribution and transmission utilities, donor agencies, and Renewable Energy (RE) developers in the matters of policy and regulatory issues, formulating regulations, determining tariff, filing petition before State Electricity Regulatory Commissions (SERCs), developing regulatory frameworks for Electricity Market development, and process support.

Our services include:

  • Value added advisory on policy and regulatory matters.
  • Financial and economic analysis of power sector projects.
  • Market development and entry strategies.
  • Project structuring and business model designs.

Regulatory Analysis and Process Support

We undertake detailed reviews of regulatory framework and its implementation to cover the following aspects:

  • regulations and orders at the central and state levels,
  • support in filing petitions and comments before regulators and the Appellate Tribunal,
  • preparation of discussion notes, approach papers and staff papers,
  • providing support during the regulatory process in the form of stakeholder consultations and analysis of stakeholder's comments.

Formulating Regulations

We have an extensive experience in formulating a variety of regulations. We assist in formulating regulations including, but not limited to

  • Central and State-level electricity regulations,
  • multi-year tariff regulations,
  • renewable energy tariff regulations,
  • Renewable Energy Certificate (REC),
  • Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) regulations,
  • grid code, supply code and open access regulations,
  • Deviation Settlement Mechanism framework.

Tariff Determination

We specialize in tariff determination processes including

  • determination of generation, transmission and retail distribution tariffs,
  • wheeling charges and cross-subsidy charges,
  • state load dispatch centre (SLDC) charges,
  • renewable energy tariffs.

We assist Regulatory Commissions in the approval of Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) and in the tariff determination of utilities. We also support utilities in filing ARR Petition for tariff approval,and RE Developers or Developers’ Associations in taking up renewable energy pricing issues with the State and Central regulators through due regulatory process.