Idam Infrastructure Advisory


Sustainability strategy

As governments become keener to introduce and implement strategies to develop green industries like renewable energy and enact regulations to reduce emissions, players in the private sector have also realized the need to become environmentally conscious and responsible. The prime objective in establishing a sustainability strategy is to make sure that corporate goals and framework align with the overall growth of individuals, the organization, and the region as a whole. With its long, rich, and diverse experience, Idam Infra is well equipped to provide advisory services to entities wanting to become ‘sustainable’.


Carbon foot printing and management

Carbon foot printing and management involves minimizing the cumulative impacts of its business on the environment and the community and taking actions that include reviewing and reducing emissions in supply chains. Idam Infra has extensive experience in identifying the opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and modelling them by revisiting processes and systems, integrating emissions reduction and energy savings with monetary savings, and implementing appropriate systems and key performance indicators to monitor carbon emissions.


Sustainability reporting

The benefits of conserving energy and resources and minimizing adverse impacts on the environment cannot be realized if results of the efforts to attain these objectives go unreported–which is why organizations strive to prepare sustainability reports in the best interests of organizations and society. The services we offer include gap analysis; measuring, monitoring, and analysing sustainability performance; developing CSR reporting; verification and assurance; and comparison and benchmarking.


Carbon neutrality

Carbon neutrality can become a key attribute of the credibility of any organization that decides to launch climate-neutral initiatives. Being carbon neutral not only projects the organization as being ecologically conscious but also encourages new economical alternatives to meeting the organization´s energy needs. Idam Infra has successfully executed several such assignments that involve identifying major sources of carbon emissions and suggesting ways to reduce those emissions and to offset the min compliance and voluntary markets.


Resource efficiency process and technology

Advising firms and institutions on matters pertaining to resource efficiency processes and technologies is an important component of Idam Infra´s consultancy practice. Idam Infra has undertaken assessment of resource use and efficiencies; supported policy, institutional, and regulatory reforms; and conducted socio-economic analyses of projects on resource management. Our services include consulting on waste management and its optimal utilization as well as environment management planning for not only small industries but also townships.