Idam Infrastructure Advisory


Regulatory Analysis and Process Support

We undertake detailed review of a given regulatory framework and its implementation to cover the following aspects: regulations and orders at the central and state levels; support in filing petitions and comments before regulators; preparation of discussion, approach, and staff papers and support during the regulatory process including stakeholder consultations and analysis of stakeholders´ comments.


Formulating Regulations

Idam Infra has extensive experience in formulating a variety of regulations. We assist in formulating regulations including central- and state-level electricity regulations, multi-year tariff regulations, renewable energy tariff regulations, REC-RPO regulations, grid code and supply code, and open access regulations.


Tariff Determination

Idam Infra specializes in tariff determination processes including the determination of generation, transmission and retail tariffs, wheeling charges and cross-subsidy charges, state load dispatch centre (SLDC) charges, renewable energy tariff. We provide assistance to regulatory commissions in aggregate revenue requirement (ARR) and tariff approval, utilities in seeking ARR and tariff approval, developers or developer associations in taking up renewable energy pricing issues with state and central regulators through due regulatory process.


Policy Analysis and Modelling

We specialize in undertaking financial analysis of policy mechanisms, compiling international best practices and policy measures, assessing the financing needs of different sectors and user segments, developing models for socio-economic and cost–benefit analysis, assessing the risks in a policy framework, and quantifying cost and benefits.


Roadmap Design and Implementation

We can develop a detailed concept document for a proposed policy, review existing financing models and schemes, address the regulatory and legal issues in policy implementation, devise appropriate institutional and governance structures, define the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders, and develop monitoring and reporting as well as measurement and evaluation tools for the proposed policy.


Policy Monitoring and Evaluation

We provide clients with end-to-end solutions including developing a process chart for monitoring the progress of a scheme, guidelines for monitoring compliance stipulated in a given policy, guidelines to evaluate the success of a policy scheme, and identification of the indicators of a successful policy scheme.

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