Idam Infrastructure Advisory
    Corporate Advisory

    We provide advisory services in market assessment, business modeling,
    bid advisory, contract structuring, risk assessment, public–private
    partnership (PPP) and project design and implementation support.

  • Policy and Regulatory
    Policy and Regulatory

    We provide advisory services in policy and regulatory analysis
    and process support, national and international best practices,
    formulating regulations, tariff determination, etc.

  • Renewable Energy
    Renewable Energy

    We provide advisory services in policy analysis and design, policy formulation,
    Energy Modelling for Grid Integration of Renewable Sources Procurement strategy,
    advocacy and outreach and capacity building.

  • Distributed Renewable Energy
    Distributed Renewable Energy

    We provide advisory services in policy and regulatory, project development
    and structuring, battery based energy storage solutions and IT consulting &

  • IT Solutions
    IT Solutions

    We provide advisory services in IT assessment and process review, IT project
    management support etc. We provide strong IT solutions/capabilities that helps
    energy companies to design, develop and implement solutions that help clients
    to improve process efficiency and automation.

  • Energy Efficiency
    Energy Efficiency

    We provide energy audit services, monitoring and verification under
    PAT scheme and conduct training programs for capacity building of

  • Geomatics

    We provide optimum business solutions by undertaking Geospatial Data
    Management Services covering survey, mapping and GIS integration for
    various sectors.

What Is Idam?

‘Idam' in Sanskrit means 'This'. The pronoun refers to the earth or to the time as in 'This Earth' or 'This Time' and, by extension, 'This Earth at this time'. The expression can also be stretched to mean 'firmly grounded'— not immobile or static or stationary but realistic, which captures our corporate ethos.

Our logo has the Earth at the centre, surrounded by the five basic elements, or principles, the panchmahabhutas in Vedic philosophy, namely air, fire, water, earth, and space. The arrows represent the continuous churning around the earth that ensures that the earth itself is always stable.

Welcome to Idam Infrastructure Advisory Private Limited

Idam Infrastructure Advisory Pvt. Ltd, a part of the Idam group, is a company established by professionals with vast experience in the domains of energy and infrastructure. We are particularly committed to:

Sustainable development

Energy efficiency

Clean energy

Climate change mitigation

From its inception in 2007, our team has gathered rich and valuable experience and gained deeper insights across the entire value chain of energy infrastructure including

Policy formulation and analysis

Commercial diligence

Corporate strategy

Regulatory framework design

Financial structures

As a consequence, we have sound institutional memory of the initiatives that have worked, and we use our collective experience to provide consulting support to our clients in the energy sector.


Power Transition to Collaborate With Idam Infra for Future Energy Systems in India

At the 14th edition of REI Expo, UK Pavilion, Power Transition Ltd., UK and Idam Infrastructure Advisory Pvt. Ltd., India announced signing of Collaboration Agreement, to devise P2P business models using PTL technology in the Indian context.

Power Transition to Collaborate With Idam Infra for Future Energy Systems in India

Idam Infra partners with Energy Exemplar to bring ‘State of the Art’ modelling tool PLEXOS to India

The Government of India (GOI) has announced massive target of 450 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. These goals are in line with India’s commitment under Paris Agreement. Integration of such a massive amount of variable renewable energy (RE) is going to pose challenge to Indian power system. India needs ‘State of the Art’ planning tools to be able to manage this energy transition from coal dominant power system to RE dominant power system. Recognising this need, Idam Infra has partnered with Energy Exemplar to bring the ‘State of the Art’ energy modelling tool PLEXOS to India.

Through this collaboration, Idam Infra will leverage its extensive experience in energy and utilities domain in India and Energy Exemplar will bring its modelling capabilities and data sets to support Indian planners and power sector companies in the implementation of PLEXOS. This partnership reflects the shared commitment of both companies towards increased penetration of RE integration and cost optimization through analytical solutions offered by PLEXOS.

Press Release issued on announcement of partnership.

To know more about PLEXOS, please connect with us.

Management Visionary Management

Our Founding Directors Mr. Balawant Joshi (Managing Director) and Mr. Ajit Pandit (Director) are well-known experts in energy sector on policy/regulatory matters

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Idam Infra is looking for energetic, dynamic and talented professional. If interested visit our website and get connected with us at

Reports Knowledge Sharing

Access to our various reports, policy briefs, articles, papers, documents in our continued efforts of knowledge sharing

Presentation Our Leaders Speak

Gain insights from our professional’s presentations in various workshops, seminars, symposia, discussion forums etc.


Our Services

We bring our wide and varied experience and rich insight to bear on all aspects along the value chain of energy infrastructure. We are particularly strong in the following service areas.

Biomass Knowledge Portal and Discussion Forum

A Web based Biomass Knowledge Portal and Interactive Discussion Forum has been developed by M/s Idam Infrastructure Advisory Pvt. Ltd along with its Partner M/s Via Interactive Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This is done under the initiative of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) supported under the on-going MNRE-UNDP/GEF assisted Project on “Removal of Barriers to Biomass Power Generation in India.” The aim is to disseminate developments in the sector to all stakeholders. The portal is a user friendly, single point source for updated and effective information/data related to generation of power - grid interactive, offgrid and captive; and thermal energy from biomass using thermal conversion technologies – combustion, gasification and cogeneration.

Wind Discussion Forum

Idam Infra is providing consulting support to Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (Shakti) in creation of a "Discussion Forum on Wind Sector" - an independent forum, where relevant policy, regulatory and infrastructure issues for the Wind Sector are being deliberated, to propose potential solutions to these issues. The ultimate objective is to evolve consensus around key aspects amongst stakeholders through a process of dialogue, supported by independent research. Idam Infra, with the support of Shakti, has planned to organize five theme-based wind discussion forums as summarized below:


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