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Presentation by Balawant Joshi at The Economic Times Energy Leadership Summit 2023

The Economic Times Energy Leadership Summit, 20-21 June 2023 at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi

Partner Presentation on Renewable Juggernaut - Implications for the States by Balawant Joshi, Managing Director, Idam Infrastructure Advisory Pvt Ltd

Idam infra's Journey into the Energy World

According to Balawant Joshi, Founder & Managing Director of Idam Infrastructure Advisory, Idam Infra envisions ‘Carbon minimal world’ and explains that the entire philosophy of the firm is embodied in its name and logo. The word 'Idam' in Sanskrit means 'This' and is used as a pronoun to refer to earth and/or time as 'This Earth' or 'This Time‘. We interpret it as ‘This Earth at This Time’. Our logo has Earth at the center, surrounded by five small circles representing five basic elements or panchmahabhutas according to Hindu Philosophy, i.e., air, fire, water, earth and space. The fins represent continuous churning around the earth and the need to keep this earth sustainable. We believe this represents our corporate ethos.


In this incessantly evolving economy, where industries are scaling up adding up to their capacities and increasing numbers of people who are resorting har comfortable means to living energy seems to comprehend their high energy consumption needs. And, thereby amongst other energy sources, renewable are the fastest growing segment in the energy sector. Globally, India ranks fourth in renewable energy capacity and wind power, while fifth in solar power capacity. In June 2021

Enfragy Solutions India

ndian GIS market is expected to grow at more than 20 percent year-on-year due to factors such as an increase in demand for GIS solutions in the energy, transportation, logistics sector, along with a rise in the role of GIS software in the development of innovative city projects and urhan planning, and proliferation of spatial data across India.


One cannot defy the importance of geographic information system (GIS) in scientific investigations, resource management, and development planning. The use of GIS is prolific and serves different sectors' various purposes efficiently enough, such as today retail business use GIS to help them determine where to locate a new store, while marketing companies use GIS to determine to whom to market stores and restaurants, and where that marketing should be.

Idam Infra Brings State of the Art Energy Modelling Tool to India

Energy Exemplar, Australia, announced a new partnership with Idam Infrastructure Advisory Pvt. Ltd. (Idam Infra), India. This partnership will be to collaborate for channelizing the sales of PLEXOS to Indian stakeholders in Energy and Utilities space. With the growing importance of energy modeling in every aspect of power and energy systems, the critical role of PLEXOS as a world class energy simulation software offering cost optimization and capacity expansion tool comes to the fore.