Idam Infrastructure Advisory


Policy and regulatory support

Idam Infra has been involved in a variety of ways in rural electrification and wants to bring a paradigm shift in effective rural electrification. Given Idam Infra´s extensive and varied experience in renewable energy (both grid-connected and off-grid), rural energy, rural small-micro enterprises and industry, and the rural sector in general, Idam Infra is well placed to provide a variety of services related to carrying out policy and regulatory studies for policymakers, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and government ministries and departments.

Idam has initiated several activities related to policy and regulatory aspects to promote and exploit the potential of local renewable energy resources for effective rural electrification and for providing cleaner energy to rural population for lighting as well as for livelihood or income generation. These initiatives include developing conceptual frameworks, regulations, and detailed project reports and providing due diligence in promoting off-grid renewable energy projects and programmes.


Programme management support

In areas remote from the grid and with low population density, off-grid energy is probably the most practical and economical solution. Most of the off-grid solutions, due to their source and size, involve renewable sources like hydro, solar, wind, biomass, and hybrid technologies. Given small sizes, individual project development is neither viable nor practical. As a result, it is necessary to adopt programmatic approach. Unfortunately, no mechanism currently available enables large-scale deployment of small-scale renewable energy resources for off-grid generation. Idam has capability to develop programmes to enable large scale deployment of renewable energy to improve access to energy in rural areas.


Project development support

Idam Infra facilitates project development efforts of off-grid renewable energy project developers and investors by undertaking due diligence for identified project opportunities, project risk assessment, and recommendation of suitable risk mitigation measures. Idam also identifies suitable project partners taking into consideration the investment or development objectives of investors.

Idam Infra also supports business entities to develop business plans and business models for launching rural electrification projects. With its expertise in Renewable Energy Certificate mechanisms (REC) since its conceptualization, Idam Infra is well placed to assist project developers in harnessing this additional revenue stream and tackling issues associated with it.


Capacity building

Idam Infra offers technical and commercial training services for off-grid renewable energy technologies. The stakeholders include private and public enterprises, different organs of civil society, and NGOs. The training services include workshops and customized training programmes as knowledge-building exercises.

Idam Infra emphasizes knowledge sharing with the implementing authority or utility staff through active involvement in all the phases of implementing projects and programmes. Idam Infra has the necessary expertise to design and develop training and capacity-building programmes in renewable energy with focus on off-grid renewables and energy access for the implementing authority and other key stakeholders.