Idam Infrastructure Advisory


Market Assessment

We offer technical and commercial advisories to investors, companies, and financial institutions. The advisories draw upon our rich experience and insights into energy, infrastructure, the environment and fiscal, regulatory, and policy challenges and opportunities. These advisories offer quantitative estimates of risks and benefits to assist in investment decisions.


Public–Private Partnerships

Our infrastructure advisory practice supports public- and private-sector entities engaged in financing, developing, and operating infrastructure. Through the experience gained in working with governments, government agencies, private entities, and joint ventures, we have extensive but nuanced understanding of the factors that contribute to successful partnerships, and our advisories reflect our winning combination of technical skills, industry and marketplace knowledge, and unserving commitment to outstanding client service.


Business Modelling

We advise clients on strategies for companies or projects or rollout of new technologies. The strategies focus on expansions, new projects or ventures, finances, projections, and structures. We also assist in brainstorming strategies, objectives, and expansions; advise on the best fundraising methods, structures, and markets; prepare business plans for companies; assist in the preparation of relevant documents; and offer supporting financial projections.


Bid Advisory

We provide both private and public sector clients with end-to-end solutions based on sound and transparent processes in market research, financial assessment, risk management, contract formulation, competitor analysis, and partner selection. The solutions are based on our independent approach and unique credibility in the market.


Contract Structuring

We handle all aspects of capital structuring and commercial agreements from securing fuel supplies, to negotiating concession agreements or power purchase agreements with creditworthy off-takers. We offer contract assistance in partnerships and joint ventures, procurement of major equipment, EPC contracts, O&M agreements, and more. Our advice is based on in-depth analyses of all the available options for maximizing equity returns.


Risk Assessment

Given Idam Infra´s in-house expertise, Idam Infra is well placed to analyse various types of risks including those related to time and cost overruns, operational performance, market, credit, regulatory aspects, the environment, operation, political forces, and force majeure. Based on the assessment of risks, Idam Infra suggests appropriate risk mitigation measures including allocation of risks to those project participants who are best suited to manage each risk through structuring of various contracts and agreements. Idam Infra also assesses the financial implications of residual risks to the investor or developer to the extent such risks can be quantified.

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