Idam Infrastructure Advisory


Energy efficiency: Policy analysis and formulation

Analysis and formulation of policy for EE and DSM require in-depth understanding of various issues related to technical, commercial and regulatory aspects. Idam Infra professionals have a rich and varied experience in EE and DSM and can help technology providers, financial institutions, energy service companies and other stakeholders to understand the dynamics of the energy market.


Energy efficiency and demand side management regulatory services

Idam Infra has vast experience in helping utilities to implement DSM and EE initiatives, establish institutional mechanisms such as DSM cells and seek regulatory approvals to ensure sustainable implementation of DSM programmes. We also have the necessary expertise in the regulatory aspects of DSM and EE gained by working on several strategically important national-level assignments in DSM and EE. Idam Infra can assist government authorities, regulators, funding agencies, private utilities and corporate in developing as well as implementing DSM and EE regulations and modifying them as required.


DSM planning

Idam Infra´s extensive experience enables it to carry out load research to design, develop, implement and evaluate DSM programmes. Idam Infra can also assist utilities in establishing institutional mechanisms such as DSM cells and in seeking regulatory approvals to ensure sustainable implementation of DSM programmes.


End-use efficiency improvement programmes

Significant energy savings and reduction in electricity demand can be achieved through end-use efficiency and energy conservation programmes in municipal, agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial sectors, which are largely energy-consuming sectors. Idam Infra can design, develop and implement sector-specific end-use programmes to improve energy efficiency.


Energy audit

We provide advisory support to all the links in the chain of energy management starting from preliminary energy audits and detailed energy audits to concluding the required negotiations and finalizing technology providers for successful implementation of the project.


Monitoring and verification

A good M&V protocol enhances the impact of implemented programmes and also improves their outreach although a fair M&V programme adds its administrative cost to the policy or programme implementation. Idam Infra´s expertise helps stakeholders such as utilities, industries, financial institutes, and energy service companies by providing M&V services.


Training and capacity building

Idam Infra emphasizes sharing of knowledge with the implementing authority or utility staff through active involvement in all phases of DSM and has the necessary expertise to design and develop training and capacity building programmes in DSM and EE for the implementing authority and other stakeholders.