Idam Infrastructure Advisory


Diagnostic studies

Our diagnostic studies provide you with in-depth analysis of a given issue so that you understand the merits and demerits of each identified option. For policymakers, this acts as a situation analysis tool and we assist in preparing discussion papers for eliciting stakeholder opinions on the issues and on the various options under consideration.


Policy formulation

We offer critical reviews of existing or proposed policy frameworks and assist in formulating new policies considering appropriate institutional mechanisms and governance structures for policy instruments and identifying the roles and responsibilities of relevant institutions.


Policy analysis and modelling

We specialize in undertaking financial analysis of policy mechanisms, compiling international best practices and policy measures, assessing the financing needs of different sectors and user segments, developing models for socio-economic and cost–benefit analysis, assessing the risks in a policy framework, and quantifying cost and benefits.


Roadmap design and implementation

We can develop a detailed concept document for a proposed policy, review existing financing models and schemes, address the regulatory and legal issues in policy implementation, devise appropriate institutional and governance structures, define the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders, and develop monitoring and reporting as well as measurement and evaluation tools for the proposed policy.


Policy monitoring and evaluation

We provide clients with end-to-end solutions including developing a process chart for monitoring the progress of a scheme, guidelines for monitoring compliance stipulated in a given policy, guidelines to evaluate the success of a policy scheme, and identification of the indicators of a successful policy scheme.


Policy advocacy and outreach

Within ambit of policy formulation we handle all aspects of preparing white papers with recommendations, developing future scenarios resulting from the proposed policy, studying institutional structures and operations, targeting stakeholders from the relevant sector, and conducting stakeholder consultations to seek their views and recommendations.


Institutional strengthening and capacity building

Idam Infra is well placed to undertake institutional strengthening of market players to enable them to follow the guidelines and operational aspects of a policy, design training modules based on needs analysis, and organize stakeholder consultations for shaping and implementing the policy.