Idam Infrastructure Advisory


IT Assessment and Process Review

IT assessment of your business will help you understand the state of your IT systems. The benefits of such assessment include identifying initiatives to save costs, improve efficiency, and enhance service to business. Idam Infra can undertake a range of assessments depending on the level of detail required and the time available to conduct the review: Full IT and targeted assessment, rapid assessment, and detailed assessment. Our team can review your current processes and capabilities quickly and efficiently to report on service delivery and latest capabilities of your enterprise and to show you how to deploy the best practices and bridge the capability gap.


IT Strategy and Planning Support

Inadequately planned IT can lead to poor returns on investment in IT systems, which may not meet long-term needs of your organization. Typically, large organizations have CIOs to take care of strategic IT planning whereas smaller organizations undertake such planning without the expert guidance they really need. Our team will work with you to develop an IT strategy for the organization to make the most of your IT budget while addressing your current and future technology needs and to build an IT strategy tailored specifically to your needs.


IT Project Management Support

Our support does not stop with assessment and planning but extends to assisting you in implementing the right IT solutions in your organization. We not only identify business requirements to help you identify the ideal IT solution vendor but also monitor the vendor´s work to ensure that it conforms to the documented requirements.


Customized Solution Development

Every business in the world is unique in some ways and therefore has some unique requirements and problems–Idam Infra can meet those requirements and solve those problems. We believe in such uniqueness and develop fully customized solutions taking into account your unique requirements and unique problems. Our extensive system and business experience has been gained across arrange of industries and software solutions. That experience, combined with a strong business background, enables us to understand your business better.


Information Services

We support your business by keeping you informed of key developments and changes in technology, industries, governments, policies, and regulations in the infrastructure sector across the globe–we do not supply raw data but analyse and interpret the data to bring you information presented in pre-defined formats and structures best suited to your needs. That information can be part of research for better-informed business decisions or it can be a complete product in itself in such forms as dedicated knowledge web portals, digital newsletters, and e-magazines. Idam Infra´s IT team comprises not only IT experts but domain professionals, which gives us that extra edge in serving energy and infrastructure sectors.

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