Idam Infrastructure Advisory


Aerial and Satellite Mapping (2D and 3D Geodatabase Creation)

We provide aerial mapping with Topographic, hydrographic and utility surveys. These multitask projects usually require extensive research, review of reference maps and extensive field investigation.


LiDAR Data Processing

LiDAR is an acronym for “light detection and ranging.” In the mapping industry, this term is used to describe an airborne laser profiling system that produces location and elevation data to define the surface of the earth and the heights of above-ground features. Mounted on either a helicopter or a fixed-wing aircraft, LiDAR systems use the near-infrared portion of the electro-magnetic light spectrum to collect data day or night, in canopy, and beneath clouds. Using semi-automated techniques, the “raw” LiDAR data is processed to generate several useful end products.


Orthophoto Generation

Digital orthophoto is an image generated by differentially rectifying scanned aerial photographs to compensate distortions due to the altitude of the aircraft and the relief of the terrain. Digital orthophoto combines the image characteristics of a photograph with geometric qualities of a map. Orthorectification in photogrammetry includes the following inputs for processing, viz. sensor information, orbital parameters, ground control and elevation information. We guarantee the best geo-referencing and orthorectified output within your budget, meeting your delivery time.



Georeferencing is the process of taking a digital image, it could be an air photo, a scanned geologic map or a picture of a topographic map and adding geographic information to the image so that Geographical Information System (GIS) or mapping software can ‘place’ the image as per real world x and y coordinates.


Digital Elevation Model/Digital Terrain Model Generation

We offer highly skilled extraction of accurate height models in the form of Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Surface Models (DSM). We offer high quality output and help you leverage your operational efficiency by minimising the costs.

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