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Energy Efficiency Policy Advisory

Navigating the modern policy environment requires a data-driven approach—and an expert understanding of the regulatory process. We help agencies and policymakers in designing policy and regulatory framework, developing regulatory analysis, reviewing and analyzing regulatory issues, help in defining regulatory alternatives and thereby enabling energy transformation, estimating economic, environmental, business and other impacts, summarizing and analyzing public comments reforming industry and market designs and facilitating investments in energy markets.


Demand Side Management Planning, Implementation and Regulatory Support

Demand-side management and energy efficiency programs must evolve to keep pace with a changing world and evolving customer needs. We create and optimize utility portfolios to ensure these programs are streamlined, cost-effective and successful. We support utilities in transforming business models, enhancing revenues, optimizing costs, managing capital-intensive programs and assisting in the digital- and people-transformation journey of energy companies. The services that we offer include distribution resources planning, transmission and distribution planning, grid modernization, incorporate energy efficiency and distributed renewable energy into managed load offerings, energy efficiency portfolio optimization program design and analytics, program for -demand response, distributed energy resources, portfolio optimization, regulatory support, IT support etc.


Energy and Water Audit Services

Reducing expenditure is a key concern for any business and minimizing energy and water consumption can dramatically reduce costs. Energy and water audit is the most effective tool for energy and water management. The audit identifies and quantifies unaccountable energy and water loss at each point of use within and around the facility. Our commercial and industrial energy and water efficiency inspections deliver detailed consumption analysis of every aspect of your operation and will provide clear, actionable ways to cut your costs and boost your green credentials.


Energy Efficiency Technology Assessment

Our energy efficiency technology assessment is designed to review client’s energy usage and provide strategies to improve efficiency. This will help clients save business money, boost productivity in their workplace and offer opportunities for innovation. While one can conduct their assessment, it is always advisable to engage experts with the relevant skill set like a BEE certified personnel or certified energy auditor to conduct the audit. Our comprehensive energy efficiency assessment delves into metrics like energy use versus production output, and it could cover benchmarking performance to check how processes or business units are performing. Idam group services include measures on both the supply side and the demand side.


Engineering and Project Management

Engineering and project managers keep the world moving by remaining focused on the goal of a unique project, the resources required to complete it and the schedule of execution. We are happy to provide Engineering and Project Management Services to all industries, Commercial Buildings, Govt. Buildings. Our technical and business experts offer you a wide range of valuable expertise to help you develop the vision, knowledge, creativity and future direction of your enterprise. We guide you towards better pre-investment decisions on technology, product, market, mergers, and any subject relevant to the operation of a long-lasting, successful business. Idam-Enfragy’s multidisciplinary project teams and unique technical solutions will ensure that all projects meet technical, economic, environmental and safety requirements.


Monitoring and Verification

The review and confirmation of the success of energy efficiency programs is a critical step towards achieving long-term energy savings. Our M&V approach consists of the following two components: Clear Goals – what the program is designed to achieve (e.g., increase electricity reliability) and Clear Metrics – specific ways of measuring progress toward goals. Establishing goals and metrics at the outset of a program is an important prerequisite to identifying which data points will be important during the evaluation. The following services are offered by Idam Group w.r.t. M&V -computer-based energy simulation programs to model the projected energy performance of the entire facility, measure energy usage on the whole before and after upgrades are installed, conduct field measurements. or estimate energy use by individual upgrades, conduct field measurements or estimate energy use of individual upgrades and systems affected by the upgrades etc.


Carbon Foot Printing

Being carbon neutral is becoming increasingly important. Let’s start together now to reduce our carbon footprint. As an engineering consultant, Idam Group supports customers in reducing their carbon footprint in a variety of projects. As a strategic partner, we focus on innovative solutions. The potential for reducing CO2 in the power and industrial sectors is significant. We help our clients to identify sources of greenhouse emissions in the value chain, identify and capture greenhouse gas reduction opportunities, achieve carbon neutrality and increase the brand value.


Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building

Institutional strengthening and capacity building is an ongoing process and an integral part of the technical support we provide to individuals, groups, organizations and societies to enhance their ability to identify and meet development challenges. We build the capacity of organizations to think in new ways and to realize the value of their contribution towards shaping and flourishing in a new sustainable economy.  We are passionate about training others as we believe this is an effective way to make a long-term impact. As a consulting organisation, our training is based on our own extensive experience of working on a wide range of projects. The methodologies, approaches and resources have all been tried and tested over many years. We conduct workshops, open and tailored group training with a range of resources and toolkits.  We always discuss and understand our clients’ needs via Training Need Assessment before suggesting an approach or developing a program.

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