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Renewable Energy Policy Analysis and Design

We have rich experience in policy formulation, analysis and design. We are involved in the development of various frameworks for renewable energy mechanisms, renewable energy hybrid solutions, assessment of renewable energy policies. We assist several international organizations-lateral, multi-lateral government agencies, donor agencies involved in initiatives for implementation of clean energy policies and practices for enhancing the effectiveness of renewable energy deployment.


Energy Modelling for Grid Integration of Renewable Sources

We offer energy system modelling services and have experience in using energy modelling tools such as PLEXOS, GAMS and Grid360.

  • PLEXOS: PLEXOS is an energy modelling tool used for long term expansion modelling and least economic dispatch.
  • GAMS: We have experience working in GAMS, particularly for implementing security constraint economic dispatch (SCED) model on Pan-India basis for a pilot study. We have  analysed the impact of SCED on intra and interstate generators using GAMS.
  • Grid360: We have experience in using Grid360 for an optimal load flow analysis of distribution network at feeder level as well as distributed transformer (DT) level. Grid360 was also used for analysing several distributed energy resources (DER) integration scenarios.


Renewable Energy Procurement Strategy

We provide private utilities with the study of business cases of the renewable energy project development and conduct due-diligence studies from both the central and state specific policies and regulatory compliances and undertake economic viability perspective for our clients on the basis of estimated cost of conducting open access transactions from the renewable energy power plants. We also have experience in study and analysis of renewable energy policies, open access regulations, scheduling and settlement regulations, tariff orders and support in the preparation of calculation model for estimating the landed cost of power at the consumer location.


Renewable Energy Bid Process Management Support

We offer end-to-end services to utilities for bid advisory, tendering process, submission of bid documents, pre-bid events, bid evaluation, selection of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project management support and the formulation of key bid strategies, etc. We also provide market assessment and competitive analysis, review of contracts. We help clients in understanding the bidding guidelines, risk assessment, impact on power pricing under various bid pricing scenarios, assistance in financial closure of renewable energy projects, etc.


Renewable Energy Technology Assessment

We have vast experience in the field of renewable energy technology assessment and offer consulting support in technologies such as – wind, solar, solar-wind hybrid, energy storage technology, electric vehicle, hydrogen technology, waste to energy, biomass, municipal solid waste, etc. we help our clients assess their business opportunities through proper renewable energy technology assessment and conduct various due diligence requirements, access the statutory requirements and schemes under various departments under the Government of India. We connect our clients with other existing customers, renewable energy communities, investors and partners for implementing their business objectives and explore opportunities for implementing world-class technologies in India.


Project Feasibility Development and Structuring

We provide consulting support to entities for renewable energy project-related power procurements and develop strategies including financial modelling, landed cost and so on. We support clients in the assessment of potential sites, evaluation of the project, energy assessment through data collection, studying suitable policy and regulatory frameworks applicable. We provide advisory services to organisations for sizing renewable energy systems, assessment of resources, production and savings, compliance with regulatory aspects and formulation of a detailed strategy for the implementation of project objectives.


Renewable Energy Transaction and Due Diligence Support

We support utilities in all stages of renewable energy resource assessment, feasibility analysis, technical and commercial due diligence, tariff modelling, open access transactions, evaluation of renewable energy policy and regulatory framework within states and at the National level. We also provide support to international clients for investment opportunities in India, formulation of market entry plans, renewable energy technological requirements, technology transfers, etc


Capacity Building

We assist organizations in capacity building programs, stakeholder consultation programs, and acting as knowledge partners in various events, webinars, training and so on within the  renewable energy sector. We also provide technical support to various committees at both the central and state level for the implementation of various regulations, procedures, codes, etc.

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