Idam Infrastructure Advisory

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Solar Services

Idam Infra has been providing extensive set of services such as project evaluation, implementation/interconnection framework, development of IT enabled tools, performing and analysing solar energy market surveys etc. in the solar energy sector for large scale deployment of solar rooftop projects to the private clients.

Project Development Support

Idam Infra offers detailed and objective evaluation of solar energy market to private clients, project developers, investors and financial institutions. We have also supported government agencies and public sector enterprise on project evaluation and development, vendor empanelment, demand aggregation, tender development and bid process management support etc. Idam Infra conducts feasibility study, site assessment and performance monitoring of solar rooftop systems installed. Read more ...

Service Offerings

  • Market Assessment and Entry Strategy
  • Tender Preparation and Bid Process Management
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Feasibility Assessment and Detailed Project Report
  • Potential Assessment Using GIS and Other Tools
  • Financial Modelling and Risk Assessment
  • Performance Evaluation
Load and Generation Curve for Industry
IT Consulting Services

Idam Infra has acquired strong capability in IT domain to support its clients in energy and utility domains. The capability extends from website/portal development to Android/iOS application development. Idam Infra has capability to standalone web applications and Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions. Idam Infra has Geospatial Data Management Service (GDMS) which includes planning, development, implementation of solar projects through data capturing, processing, analysing, using high resolution satellite/LiDAR data and integration in to Geographic Information System (GIS) Integration software. Idam Infra is competent to offer its services for solar potential/energy yield assessment using GIS and industry standard software to several stakeholders. Read more ...

Service Offerings

  • IT Consulting
  • IT Strategy and Planning Support
  • Customised Solutions Development
  • IT Assessment and Process Review
  • IT Project Management Support
  • Information Services
Unified Solar Rooftop Transaction Portal
Policy and Regulatory Services

Idam Infra develops unique policy and regulatory interventions tailoring to the stakeholders and market needs. As a part of Policy and Regulatory offering, Idam Infra has been advocating on the need to create a framework encompassing the entire value chain of solar technology, ranging from metering arrangements to new and innovative business models such as utility driven models and governance structure. Read more ...

Service Offerings

  • Diagnostic Study and Policy Formulation
  • Roadmap Design and Implementation
  • Regulatory Analysis and Process Support
  • Tariff Determination for Solar Projects
  • Policy Analysis and Modelling
  • Policy Advocacy and Outreach
  • Formulation of Regulations
  • Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building

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